Ida Monster


My beloved Ida…

Notice I say “my” here…not Kevin’s…you see Kevin has always taken issue with her tight bond with me. Sure, he will tell you that it’s because of her wet sneezes or her bad habit of eating poop…but it’s really because he wishes he had a lap snuggle buddy as awesome as Ms. Ida.

When we filed the registration papers for Ms. Ida, we did indeed call her Ida Monster. As a pup she was over the top energentic and all I could imagine her saying with her tongue hanging out is “I Da Monster!!!” A few years have passed and she has completely shed her monster days, but they sure are fun to remember!

If you ever come and visit you will catch her snoozing…well snoring in any slice of sunshine spilling along the floor. She also loves that she is smaller than the others and perches on the back of our sofas or chairs to be much more in line with the humans height.

DOB – September 23rd, 2016



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