The Beginning Of Kevin & Amy…


So excited to share with you all how “we” all got started. It really is “we” too….all of us. Without the spark that Kevin & I dared to take a chance on – there wouldn’t be Juggling Daisies, or this Podcast….

Kevin & I share something that was meant to be. We are so alike and different at the same time making us the perfect pair.

Please take a listen – I have SO much more to share about “us” in the future.

I did change to writing out my script and reading it because I feel it captures so much more of the feels and memories. Comment and let me know if you agree!

Thanks for being here…and listening



  1. I loved hearing the story of you and Kevin but most of all about your diamond. I am sentimental that way to. Knowing something has history is a beautiful thing. Not only does the ring honor your commitment with Kevin but it honors the commitment from before.
    Your telling of your stories is really magical. You have a great radio/podcast voice.

    • Thanks!
      It’s amazing that through this journey – we have found that one of my greatest assets is my voice. I never knew, but I am truly thankful. I think that is also makes our lives as watched as they are as well. My ring does have a great story….It’s wonderful that so many people are willing to hear the story while not taking it the wrong way. What a beautiful community we have built. Thanks for listening…

  2. What an amaaaazing story! Imagine if you hadn’t been brave enough to let go enough to say YES to Kevin’s love and his totally different ways that he did things.
    This is such a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing. Your writings are so mesmerizing, beautiful and brave.


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