Where Did The Name “Juggling Daisies” Come From?


Digging a little deeper – here is episode 2 – Where did the name for the farm Juggling Daisies come from?

I know I have shared that I see a set of dancing daisies every year that grows out of a rock wall….but the full truth is a bit deeper than that.

Have you ever heard of a circle story? Where you start in one place and you end up back in the same place – yet this time it’s slightly different…

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You are amazing…

Amy Zimmer



  1. Amy I am really moved by these two podcasts you have shared with us so far. No other words. Just deeply moved.

    • Thank you for your kind words – I greatly appreciate them. More to come! I hope to record #3 today! This entire process has been so healthy and freeing for me. Thanks for feeling all the good vibes right along with me…

    • Hi Martha!
      Love your name BTW! I am going outside of my comfort zone to encourage others to do the same in anyway that they can. Outside of our normal is where great things happen. Thank you for including your insta handle – that helps me a TON!!!

  2. I can’t thank you enough for sharing with us. You’re not wrong, there are people that will benefit and need to hear your story. I am one. Thank you

    • Hello Christina!

      Thank you so much for listening!!! It was a big decision to start sharing, but I am so glad that I am. There are many with you that feel the same. Hopefully, my journey will be comforting for you or some bravery. If nothing else filling your cup back up with joy.

  3. Thank you Amy…I so appreciate your podcasts! Finding joy is tough work and your story coupled with your beautiful farm fills my heart with overwhelming happiness. 💜

    • Thank you for your time in listening and watching. It has been an amazing part of my journey to touch so many lives with our farm family daily. So glad that you are also enjoying our podcast!


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